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The advantages of a solar cooker:

  1. Usage of solar cooker for cooking food saves fuel.
  2. The use of solar cooker does not produce smoke due to which the environment also does not get polluted.
  3. When food is cooked in a solar cooker, it’s nutrients do not get destroyed. This is because, in a solar cooker, food is cooked at a comparatively lower temperature.
  4. In a solar cooker, up to four food items can be cooked at the same time.

The Disadvantages of a Solar cooker are:

  1. The box-type solar cooker cannot make chapatis.
  2. The box-type cooker cannot be used for ‘frying’

The limited utility of a solar cooker is:

  1. The Solar cooker cannot be used to cook the food during night hours.
  2. If the day-sky is covered with clouds, even then the solar cooker cannot be used to cook food.
  3. The direction of the reflector of a solar cooker has to be changed from time to time to keep facing the sun.
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